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Teachers attend CEIAG conference

Teachers attend CEIAG conference
Mr Clasper with his prize.
Tuesday 18th February 2014 by C. Freeman

Teacher Mr Clasper won nearly £400 of resources at a local careers conference which highlighted the latest resources and innovations in careers provision. He and Ms Watts attended the annual CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance) conference that focused careers and the curriculum. Speakers included careers executives, educationalists and delegates from Connexions and the aim was on making positive links between industry and schools in order to equip young people to choose the right option for them.

Mr Clasper and Ms Watts are both spearheading the CEIAG initiative at Brooke Weston which aims to promote careers advice to younger students and across the curriculum.

Mr Clasper said; 'Under new legislation schools are required to provide high quality careers provision across the board including for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 who haven't traditionally been targeted. We are looking at how to implement impartial careers advice that is relevant in all curriculum areas. This will include visiting speakers, off-site visits and continually adapting to the changing needs of our students as they progress through key stages.'

He added: ‘During this conference I attended a workshop on innovations in careers resources and software and Ms Watts attended the one on the National Apprenticeship service. The speakers were informative and one, Duncan Middleton from FESTO Ltd, was fantastic. He was saying that he would take a potential employee who has done an apprenticeship over a university graduate because they have more developed skills, are much more rounded as an individual and have gained experience of the outside world. It was really interesting to find out from the industry who they are looking to employ so we can bring that information back and upskill our students.’

After the event a prize draw was held. Mr Clasper won the first prize of a set of 37 careers books, which retail at £10 each. They are now available as reference resources in the library.

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