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Year 7 trip to Coventry Cathedral

Year 7 trip to Coventry Cathedral
Christ in Glory tapestry designed by Graham Sutherland.
Year 7 trip to Coventry Cathedral
A cast of the Reconciliation sculpture designed by Josefina de Vasconcellos
Year 7 trip to Coventry Cathedral
The bombed-out shell of the former cathedral.
Year 7 trip to Coventry Cathedral
The etched Screen of Saints and Angels, by John Hutton.
Monday 10th February 2014 by C. Freeman

Our Year 7 students visited Coventry cathedral as part of their project on spirituality. They were given guided tours and took part in creative projects to produce artwork reflecting the Christian faith.

The trip was intended to inspire them to draw or model their own spiritual spaces incorporating some of the ideas they saw at the cathedral. The trip was organised by Miss Tubb and around 130 students took part.

Miss Tubb said: ‘In the cathedral you can see how they have really thought about how to use the space. In one of the chapel rooms there was mosaics of different countries and a mosaic of a dove in the centre. The students placed a golf ball at these individual points in the room and the design of the building is such that they converge in the centre as there is a dip in the floor, so it shows the message of peace between countries.

‘The cathedral is fairly modern but it is very well known as a landmark spiritual space in the United Kingdom and it is very much known for the fact that it has been designed to reflect the Christian beliefs and values in its architecture.’

It is the third cathedral on site, the 12th century Priory Church of St Mary having been destroyed with the dissolution of the monasteries in the reign of Henry VIII and the second, St Michael’s being burned to the ground by enemy bombs during 1940. The current cathedral, also dedicated to St Michael is adjacent to the burned out ruins which features a cross made from two burned timbers from the earlier medieval structure.

For students Harry Marshall and Kirndeep Dhassi, it was their first ever visit to a cathedral. Harry said: ‘The person that took us around knew everything about the cathedral and gave us details about what the stained glass and patterns meant and why lots of different cultures went there. The font was made from rock from Bethlehem. My favourite bit was seeing the main part of the cathedral.’

Kirndeep Dhassi said: ‘I liked how our guide explained the story behind the stained glass and explained why everything was there. He explained every little detail and asked us about our views. In the afternoon we did a picture activity where we had to draw a mother and child and express a feeling. The cathedral was very big, grand and colourful which surprised me.’

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