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The future of BPE teaching

The future of BPE teaching
Miss Tubb.
Friday 6th December 2013 by C. Freeman

RE teacher Miss Tubb has met with other colleagues from across the country to discuss the future direction of BPE (Beliefs, Philosophy and Ethics) teaching. She attended a dissemination event held by the Religious Education Council, where a review of the subject was discussed.

She said: ‘They have done a review this year on religious education in the country that has a foreword by Michael Gove in support of the BPE curriculum being changed and updated. At the moment these events are being held across the UK for BPE specialists to obtain more information. Delegates from the local authorities body also attend and they create the locally agreed syllabuses. They are inviting specialists to these events to see how it is going to be implemented so there are a lot of new curriculum ideas being promoted. At the moment they are looking to set up hubs between schools to link BPE specialists to train each other, network and share resources.'

The two-hour event took place at Oxford. Miss Tubb said: ‘In some ways it is going to be quite different, there is much more focus on religious texts. I am finding that a lot of students haven’t got the groundwork in order to move onto higher level skills that they might need for A Level and beyond. With GCSE we are using the Bible to look at Christian attitudes towards abortion, war, the environment and animal rights and we also look at Buddhism and other religions.

'BPE can combat massive negatives in society such as intolerance, prejudice and a lot of the negative aspects that are in society. It enables students to gain positive attitudes such as tolerance and respect for others as well as developing their own beliefs and values. It is making it relevant for the students and I am conducting an online survey for students and staff in order to find out about the demographics in the local community in terms of faith and will present the results to students in a future assembly.’

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