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Knitting auction for charity

Knitting auction for charity
Mona Lisa in wool.
Knitting auction for charity
Christmas tree and decorations.
Knitting auction for charity
Mrs Payne and a few of her creations.
Tuesday 24th September 2013 by C. Freeman

Teacher Mrs Payne is auctioning off some of her hand-knitted creations in order to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Each week Mrs Payne knits a different item that is displayed on the board in the @tain development centre, along with an explanation of what it commemorates. Mrs Payne chooses to highlight something topical so the anniversary of the first heart and lung transplant has been rendered in wool, alongside the Mona Lisa to mark the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci.

Early creations included a fire breathing dragon for St George’s Day and a large pumpkin-wielding spider to mark Hallowe'en. Some of the newest items in the collection include Punch and Judy glove puppets, a mermaid and Mickey Mouse. Thirty five items are being auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Mrs Payne said: ‘I have amassed quite a collection of things since I first started knitting an item a week. They were really designed as a talking point in the classroom and now many people just pop their heads in the room as they are passing to see what I have made. Some items, such as the knitted Queen and the Hallowe'en spider have proved quite popular so I am holding a silent auction with each item going to the highest bidder.

'All of the proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Society as many people have family members who are affected by that. If people want to place a bid then they need to write their name and student number on the slips provided on the display board. The auction will last until the end of this term and the items are available to view in the @tain development centre in top brown. Bids can be put into the charity auction box in the same room.

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