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Elections 2013

Elections 2013
Election winners 8B with their tutor Miss Prats.
Elections 2013
Emily, Kyra, Judah and Katie from 8B with their certificates.
Elections 2013
Tutor group 8S who were runners-up.
Friday 30th August 2013 by C. Freeman

Congratulations to tutor group 8B who secured 100 votes to win this year’s election. Their party, 8 Beyond, championed policies including increasing adoption and reducing delays in the criminal justice system.

Each tutor group formulated a manifesto and created display boards, badges and campaign materials. The leaders of each party spoke in a ‘Question Time’ debate where they were quizzed on their policies and financial planning. Finally they gave a presentation to all Year 7, 8 and 9 students before voting took place in the sports hall.

During today’s assembly the results were announced with 8B victorious after gaining 21% of the vote. They also received certificates for best speech and best video. Runners up were 8S (Str8 to Success) with 74 votes and 16% of the vote. They also won best poster or flyer and best webpage awards. 8E (Triple E) came third with 64 votes which equated to 13% of the electorate.

Congratulations also go to 8K for best manifesto, 8N for best badge and 8W for best campaign board. The results were announced by Miss Isherwood and afterwards Principal Miss Stringer presented the certificates. She told the students: 'It has been a terrific opportunity for you and it has been some of the best independent working that I have seen.’

Emily Griffiths was campaign leader of 8B. She said: ‘I told everyone where they needed to be and checked that everyone was doing what they needed to.' Judah Stephenson made the award winning campaign video. She said: ‘It was quite short and concise and I tried to make it look as professional as possible.’ Kyra Doyley wrote the majority of the speech: ‘A good speech will contain a lot of facts and details to connect with the listeners.' Katie Proctor was party leader and she presented the speech to a full audience in the Weston Theatre. ‘It was quite scary at first but I got used to it as it went on.’

Miss Isherwood, who co-ordinated the election this year, said: ‘The students have been very positive about the process and have learned a lot. My favourite part has been the Question Time session when Year 8s unveiled their policies for the first time. It gave them an opportunity to refine their ideas.

'It was a great experience and it takes an enormous amount of courage to get up in front of your peers on that scale. I hope they have learned to think about the way they express their ideas and that it has taught them something about our political system. They really respond to doing something outside of the norm. I have been very happy with the positive comments that I have had from staff about their engagement with the project.’

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