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Eliot experiences life as an Oxford student

Eliot experiences life as an Oxford student
Eliot Beeby.
Tuesday 3rd September 2013 by C. Freeman

Sixth Former Eliot Beeby gained an insight into student life at Oxford during a week-long summer school. He, and other successful applicants, stayed at Keble College, had a pass to the Bodleian Library and took part in social activities and lectures.

Eliot won a place on the Classics course, which included studying transcripts of ancient manuscripts and learning Greek. The students also took part in social activities, such as watching plays, films and having a fancy dress disco. They were each assigned a current student as a mentor and also had the opportunity to speak to former students about their courses and subsequent careers.

Eliot said: 'It was a taster of a lot of different elements of the course. We had lectures on literature, about love, history and war, even about the place of women in the household. They showed us extracts in Greek and Latin with translations. We also had a lecture on history and philosophy that I really liked. It did turn into a bit of a debate.

‘It was surprising because you expect to go there and see people who are super geniuses or super different and they are not, they are really nice people. We were mentored by students who helped and encouraged us and they told us about their experiences of applying to Oxford so you actually feel that this is something that is attainable.’

I am looking at applying for a four-year Classics degree. One of the alumni went into neuroscience which was a completely different career change. With Classics she felt that a lot of the skills, logic, understanding, hard work and work ethic helped her to go into neuroscience, you are not really limited by the course. I haven’t thought about what I want to do after university, maybe teaching or possibly research.’

Eliot has the following advice for others who may wish to apply to study at summer school: ‘I would say definitely go for it because it was a brilliant opportunity to be able to spend a whole week with people at a university, experiencing university life, the work and lifestyle and meeting the tutors and lecturers. It really helps you decide what subject you want to study. It was a really rewarding experience and attending a summer school is worth UCAS points on your university application.’

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