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Final GCSE round-up

Final GCSE round-up
Max Freeman
Final GCSE round-up
Anya and Sophie Scoular
Final GCSE round-up
Simran Garcha celebrating with a friend
Final GCSE round-up
Alex Huxtable
Final GCSE round-up
Shanice Irons
Final GCSE round-up
Simran Garcha.
Friday 23rd August 2013 by C. Freeman

Max Freeman was awarded 3A* and 7A graded GCSEs and is returning to study economics, business studies, maths and further maths.

Twins Sophie and Anya Scoular both have cause to celebrate with Anya achieving 2A* and 7 A grades while Sophie achieved 1A*, 4 As and Bs. Sophie said: ‘All the hard work has paid off. I am coming back to study French, media and business and still have to decide my final subject. Eventually I want to go to university to study fashion.’

Anya said: ‘I am really pleased. These results are better than expected, I was expecting a few more Bs. I am thinking about doing biology, chemistry, maths and maybe psychology. There is a lot of comparison between us and we have both got really good results.’

Simran Garcha was celebrating her 8 A and 1 A* grades: ‘ I am most pleased about physics as I found that quite hard and I got an A in that. I am going to do chemistry, French, sociology and I am still thinking about my last selection. I would like to go into optometry.’

Alexander Huxtable also got 8 As and 1 A*: ‘I was so nervous am so pleased with myself because I put a lot of effort in. I knew I had got my sciences but the rest was a surprise. I am most pleased with my A* in maths. I am going to Reading Festival to celebrate.’

Finally Shanice Irons secured 10 A grades: ‘I am most pleased with my further maths as I thought I might fail but instead I got an A! I definitely want to do maths, biology and chemistry and I want to be a pharmacist eventually.’

Congratulations to all of our GCSE students celebrating their results this year.

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