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More GCSE success stories:

More GCSE success stories:
Simran Kang
More GCSE success stories:
Hayden Tetley (centre) and Ben Tansey (far right).
More GCSE success stories:
Ruby Johnston
More GCSE success stories:
Lara Parekh-Downes
Thursday 22nd August 2013 by C. Freeman

Jake Fowler achieved 7 A* and 3 A graded GCSEs.

Simran Kang was awarded 5 A* and 6 A grades. She said: ‘It hasn’t sunk it yet. I am so happy that all my hard work has paid off. I am most pleased about my history result because I thought I had failed but I got an A*! I want to do law so I am going to study English and history. I phoned home but they didn’t believe me when I told them my results!

Hayden Tetley is celebrating his 5 A* and 6 As: He is going to study English literature, German, maths, further maths and physics at A Level and eventually wants to study law with German at university.

Ruby Johnston got 5 A* and 4 A grades: ‘I am really excited and pleased. I worked hard for the physics as I am not naturally good at physics, but I just really wanted to do well. I got an A* in that and revised all the time. I will come back to do English literature, history and English.’

Lara Parekh-Downes also achieved 5 A* and 5 A grades: ‘I was happy about my art and dance because they are really hard to get a good grade in and I am really happy about history because I didn’t think I had done well. My coursework was a b so I must have done well in the exam to get up to an A*. I hoped that I would get these results. I am coming back to study physics, Spanish, psychology and maths.

Ben Tansey is celebrating his 4 A* and 5 As: ‘I got A*s for the science which I am pretty happy about and an A in literature which I didn’t think I would get. I am coming back to do biology, chemistry, maths and English language and will hopefully study medicine at university.’

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