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What’s next for our A Level students?

What’s next for our A Level students?
Alex Hannah.
What’s next for our A Level students?
Toni Mullen.
What’s next for our A Level students?
Leigh-Anne Bell.
What’s next for our A Level students?
Anthony Watts.
Friday 16th August 2013 by C. Freeman

While many of our students are going to University to study, some are undertaking more unusual courses or opting for apprenticeships. Here are a few of their stories:

Alex Hannah has secured a place to study a degree in sports journalism at Staffordshire University based in Stoke. He got a Distinction in Sport and A Levels in Media and English Language: ‘It is always something that I wanted to do, I was always encouraged to read newspapers from a young age and sport is my passion so I want to combine the two. You can choose to specialise later on in either broadcast or print journalism. My dream job would be writing about football or following the F1 teams around the world.’

Leah Needham is going to the University of South Wales to study set design in film and television after getting Bs in Design Technology, Art and English Literature. ‘I am really pleased and relieved that I know what I am doing and where I am going. My ideal job would be to make the sets on Doctor Who. It will be a very hands-on course.’

Several of our Sixth Form students are entering the workplace as apprentices:

Toni Mullen, who got Distinctions in OCR Health and Social Care and Travel and Tourism, has started a one-year apprenticeship in business administration at SC Agency, based at Corby Enterprise Centre. ‘I started there about six weeks ago and really enjoy it. I want to have my own business in the future and so I thought an apprenticeship could be the place to start. I might do further qualifications or stay on if there is a job for me there.’

Leigh-Anne Bell is doing a year-long apprenticeship in graphic design after gaining Bs in Art and Design and Photography. ‘I went through the apprenticeship website and there wasn’t much on there because the creative ones are really hard to find. I applied and was offered a place with a firm in Leicester. I use CorelDRAW X6 and Photoshop which I have studied here as I did photography. All the programs are quite similar. I have designed a few logos. I started going to work mid-way through July. It is really good. Most of the subjects that I am good at are creative so I thought that it would good to get a job now, rather than try to find one after university.’

Anthony Watts who got qualifications in Science, eBusiness, Art Photography, Maths and Physics has secured a three year apprenticeship with Tata Steel. ‘I am really looking forward to it and should start within the next few weeks.’

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