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Sports Day 2013

Sports Day 2013
Thursday 11th July 2013 by C. Freeman

Take hundreds of students, add a bit of sporting ambition, mix in some track and field events and pour into Corby Triangle and what do you have? ... Sports Day 2013!

The event, as ever, was lively, with the stands packed to the rafters with cheering students who watched as their peers took part in a series of races and events including long and high jump, discus, javelin, shot put and tug of war. The afternoon was action-packed, the tension was high and the sportsmanship was overwhelming and particularly noticeable as the stands erupted to cheer on the loser as loudly as the winner.

Tutor groups battled it out in each event and at the end the staff took part in a race with Mr Fernandes narrowly pipping Mr Costello to the post to take the coveted men's title this year.

After all the excitement was over and the scores totted up, Mr Shorrock announced the results in today's assemblies with members of 7T, 8E, 9S and 10N receiving trophies for their tutor groups from Miss Stringer.

She told the students: ‘It was spectacular and the fact that you were cheering both the first and the last past the post was a credit to all of you. You supported everyone in your tutor group and you were congratulating everyone as they came back to the stand, no matter where they had come. The way you organised yourselves and listened to Mr Shorrock was brilliant. I don't know of a school that transports the best part of 800 people to one athletics track in an afternoon. Well done, it really was fantastic.'

Thanks to all those who took part, as well as the teachers who marshalled and logged the times and scores. A special thanks goes to the PE department who, as ever, have organised a very successful Sports Day which showcases talent, camaraderie and dogged determination.

Tutor Group Points

Year 7: B: 188 R: 214 K: 230 W: 182 E: 206 S: 220 T:266 N: 222

Year 8: B: 206 R: 162 K: 244 W: 274 E: 282 S: 180 T:184 N: 188

Year 9: B: 178 R: 206 K: 244 W: 222 E: 228 S: 252 T:240 N: 168

Year 10: B: 204 R: 154 K: 190 W: 238 E: 198 S: 160 T:238 N: 292

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