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Students take on flight challenge

Students take on flight challenge
Wednesday 10th July 2013 by C. Freeman

Students made planes from straws, paper and rationed sellotape in a recent science lesson. They came up with some innovative designs that were test-flown in the sports hall.

Teacher Miss Kennedy said: ‘The challenge is to make a flying device out of construction straws, glue and a bit of paper. They each have only 10cm of sellotape and are not allowed to do a bog-standard paper aeroplane and just stick things on it. They have to come up with a different design, everyone is taking quite a different approach. Half of them have run out of sellotape because they didn’t really plan ahead.’

Alicia Keen and Katie Malcolmson made a plane and spaceship hybrid. Marcus Rose used straws to make a craft and launcher while Aston Chapman and Henry Griffiths teamed up. Aston said: ‘We have got a few straws stuck together with splints inside to retain some strength then we have got a wing made of card. The cone on the top makes it streamlined. I have been doing some test flights but it has not been very successful. We will probably take some of the body away so it flies better as it is a bit heavy at the moment.’

Ewan Muircroft built the plane that flew the farthest. During its construction he said: ‘I cut a load of sticks in half for the body and have added three pointed wings so hopefully it will fly well.’

Afterwards Miss Kennedy said: ‘Ewan had thought about the structure and how light it was whereas a lot of the teams had weighed their designs down. When I first saw it with a wooden grid in the middle I didn’t think it would go very far, but once he added on wings and a tail it became more of an aeroplane. As well as the design of a plane, the other key factor to take into consideration is the person's throwing skills.’

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