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Climate change project

Climate change project
Jodie Marriott, Amber Roberts, Mia Andrew and Hannah Loy outside the restaurant.
Friday 28th June 2013 by C. Freeman

Year 10 students are looking at ways of combatting climate change as part of a citizenship project which aims to let them know that small changes and local lobbying can make a difference. They are looking at changes that can be made, both around school and in the local community, that will reduce our carbon footprint and be sustainable.

Students will lead assemblies, organise petitions, design posters and lobby local councillors and MPs with their ideas. The project, devised by Mrs Strydom, aims to make students aware that there are strategies they can use if they feel strongly about an issue. She said: ‘It is just trying to take action and do something to make a difference.’

Teacher Ms Watts added: ‘ We are looking at our environment, particularly at global changes caused by our carbon footprint. The students can write a letter to the council, create a poster to inform the public or do an assembly. Some have designed competitions and others are organising petitions.

'Some students are focussing on changes that can be made in school, such as possibly introducing recycling bins in the restaurant or the viability of putting solar panels on the roof, while others are concentrating their efforts further afield. The students have two weeks to come up with their information and designs and the final two weeks of term to put them into place. I want change to happen and the students to realise how powerful their voices are. If they want something hard enough, if they want to change something for the better, that there are ways of doing it.’

Hannah Loy, Mia Andrew, Amber Roberts and Jodie Marriott are collaborating to see whether food waste from the restaurant can be recycled or composted. Hannah said: ‘Ms Watts said that we are doing a citizenship lesson that is actually going to make an impact. We are planning to write to Miss Stringer and include a petition about segregating the waste into food, plastics and everything else. Most people put food in the bins so if they get put into decomposable bin bags then it can go straight to a compost area and plastics and paper can be separated. It might be hard to implement, as it might take a bit of re-educating people, but I think it will be worth it. Climate change is a bit scary, I don’t want people coming after us to die because we didn’t look after the planet.’

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