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Art exhibition 2013

Art exhibition 2013
Thursday 27th June 2013 by C. Freeman

This year’s art exhibition was a great success attracting hundreds of visitors and showcasing the work of our GCSE and A Level students. Each one showed their best item from the past year. Chair of Governors Phil Harris-Bridge selected his favourites in the 2D, sculpture and photographic categories, with students Niamh Bailey, Jessica White, Megan Benson and Rachel Fairbairn receiving gift vouchers.

Teacher Mr Procter said: ‘Everybody had one piece displayed from either their coursework or their exam piece. We have a great crop of students just working their way up to A Level at the moment. You can almost sense the competition between students who are intending to outdo each other with the realism of an expression.

This work is the end result of 12 or 15 hours of hard labour on canvas or paper. There is a back story behind a lot of these artworks and maybe the student has put in 40 or 60 hours of solid work on a project. Although some of the pieces displayed may appear minimal or austere, they will be backed up by a sketch book full of rich work that will have been distilled down to the final exhibition piece.

The exhibition is a summation of the year’s work. A highlight is hearing the students discussing the work in depth, comparing ideas and thinking about the pieces as works of art. It is being able to look back and get an image of what has happened this year. It was only when I put the exhibition up that I thought “everybody has been looking at human faces and they have all really been competitive.” There has really been strong emphasis among these students, all influencing each other and getting ideas.

'This year the emphasis has been on realism and the human figure. As a teacher the exhibition lets you see again something that you have been so close to, it is so familiar to you that you suddenly see the trees for the wood. The thing that you aim for, as a teacher, is being able to fire the students’ imagination and confidence, light the blue touch paper and watch the students run with the project, something that they have ably demonstrated in this work.’

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