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Innovative work features in DT exhibition

Innovative work features in DT exhibition
The minature theatre in its case.
Innovative work features in DT exhibition
Hannah Carr with her artist's box.
Innovative work features in DT exhibition
Rebecca Whymant with her storage trunk.
Innovative work features in DT exhibition
Maria Garvey and her modular furniture.
Innovative work features in DT exhibition
Charlotte Humphries and her water feature.
Innovative work features in DT exhibition
The Scorpion case for a Raspberry Pi created by Mitch Bellamy.
Wednesday 26th June 2013 by C. Freeman

The stunning creations of our Sixth Formers will be on display at this year's first ever Design Technology exhibition. The students have bent wood into intricate shapes to create furniture, water features and miniature toys. They had to design and make something for a ‘client’ and the finished products include an artist’s case, a vintage-style storage cabinet, a self-contained puppet theatre and a scorpion-inspired holder for a Raspberry Pi.

They took their design inspiration from artists and sculptors including Eduardo Paolozzi and Ross Lovegrove and many of their pieces are embellished with laser cut designs or incorporate fabric, vintage prints and ceramic as design features. Each of the items has taken about three months to complete.

Teacher Mr Browne said: ‘Our success this year has been down to our new technician as we have taken on bigger projects and have been able to make forms to bend large pieces of wood to make stylised chairs and furniture. The students have used a great deal of intricate techniques including enamelling, ceramics and laser cutting and the finished pieces reflect the amount of care and attention that they have taken. The students have used lots of different techniques and the precision and attention to detail stands out in many of the items.’

Leah Needham made a miniature puppet theatre with laser-cut floorboards, curved scenery panels and handmade finger puppets and furniture. She said: ‘ I have given it to two girls to test so they have played with it and helped me to review the entire process. The hardest thing was making sure that it all fitted inside the storage area. After A Levels I am hopefully going to the University of South Wales to study television set design.’

Hannah Carr made a shaped artist’s box. She said: ‘I wanted to create an artist’s box but wanted to change the shape and existing ones are quite boring and I wanted to add a bit more style to it. I was doing my art coursework on Eduardo Paolozzi and that inspired me. It was difficult to ensure the corners would stay in place and that it was going to look of a high standard. As well as being practical it actually becomes a work of art itself and I am very pleased with it.’

Mr Browne said: ‘The accuracy had to be really good and there is incredible attention to detail and finishing. It is an unusual shape and Hannah has had to chamfer all the edges. She has been a very dedicated student and worked on it every day and during every free period. She is a star student.’

Rebecca Wymant made a portable storage unit embellished with bright paper. She said: ‘I designed it for a university student and it is based on a 1920s style storage trunk. It has a CD rack made of acrylic, two drawers, with handmade handles, a tie rack and bookshelf and it is quite easy to wheel around. I am going to Loughborough to do an art and design foundation course for a year. I am hoping this will help me decide what to do afterwards. I really like how the paper works as it gives it vintage twist.’

Charlotte Humphries made a water feature. She said: ‘My mum has been looking for a water fountain for ages, we noticed the decline in the bird population in our garden so I thought I could make something which would support them through the winter months. I took my design inspiration from Ross Lovegrove and just general curves and modern shapes and my mum’s love of butterflies. I like the bowls as well as I tried ceramic rather than traditional copper bowls. My mum loves it.’

Maria Garvey made a modular piece of furniture: ‘It is made to measure for the bay window at home as my mum could not find anything to fit there. As it is modular you can fit more sections on if you want but at the moment it provides storage and seating. Its angular shape is inspired by the architect Daniel Libeskind and I would like to study architecture at Westminster University.

James Rutter designed a scale prototype for a proposed library chair which has integrated bookshelves and a space for storing a laptop: ‘I designed it because when you sit in the library you are arched over the tables so I thought I would make a chair that is more convenient for students.’

Mitch Bellamy made a holder for Raspberry Pi that was inspired by a scorpion. Mr Browne said: ‘This is just designed and made with fantastic accuracy. Mitch has worked out all the measurements and turned all of the legs on a lathe, he has spent hours on it and there is a little LED light attached. The workings out are phenomenal.’

The Sixth Formers' work will be on display as part of the DT exhibition which is taking place tonight and tomorrow night. It will showcase work created by both our A Level and GCSE students.

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