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Emergency services stage crash simulation

Emergency services stage crash simulation
Firefighters taking the 'casualty' from the car.
Emergency services stage crash simulation
Student watch the retained firefighters from Rothwell in action.
Friday 10th May 2013 by C. Freeman

A dramatic crash simulation sparked a day of activities led by fire-fighters, police, prison officers and magistrates showing how law enforcement and the criminal justice system works.

A fire crew from Rothwell, led by incident commander Lawrence Goodrun, cut the ‘victim’ from a crashed car in a painstaking operation using ‘jaws of life’ hydraulic cutting equipment. Unfortunately the ‘victim’ was pronounced dead at the scene. The ‘driver’ was arrested and was subsequently found to have been drinking. What followed was a reconstruction of events in court and prison, with students seeing a replica of a two-person prison cell, measuring just two by three metres, as a stark example of life behind bars.

The students, from Year 9, were also given lectures on gun crime and anti-social behaviour, during the day-long event, led by charity ‘Prison Me! No Way!’ which has brought together industry professionals to present hard-hitting scenarios to schools across the country. The event at Brooke Weston was funded by Northants Police.

Doug Evans, national co-ordinator for, ‘Prison Me! No Way’ said: ‘We look at the consequences and penalties of crime by using the prison service, police, fire and ambulance service and magistrates. We even have a drug officer here. It makes students think about causes, consequences and penalties of crime and anti-social behaviour.’

Mr Des Glen, a local magistrate, said; ‘We give students a brief presentation about what magistrates do and what their role and powers entail. Everybody can do something stupid in their life and it is not necessarily criminal intention, it is sometimes where they have lost control for a split second. That then impacts on them, their lives and their future.

‘We deal with the consequences of the individual who commits the offence. In our sentencing we are also considering his future, his past record, and can we sentence appropriately so that he will not offend again? It is making sure that there is an element of punishment but also an element of restitution to the community.’

Vice Principal Mr Strickland said: ‘There were many hard-hitting sessions like the police interview and courtroom scene. Others were geared around road safety and anti-social behaviour with role playing showing the impact that has on a neighbourhood. There was a session delivered by the ambulance service looking at driver safety. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. To get all those acting personnel in at one time was fantastic and a great opportunity.’

Student Alice Boore said: ‘It was interesting and I liked watching the car rescue outside. We had presentations on specialist police departments, like the firearms section as well as a workshop on anti-social behaviour. The whole day was informative and enjoyable.’

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