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Art department gears up for annual exhibition

Art department gears up for annual exhibition
Examples of artwork by GCSE students Charlotte Waterhouse and Carly Newman.
Wednesday 5th June 2013 by C. Freeman

The art department is now gearing up for its annual Art Exhibition, showcasing the work of all the GCSE and A Level students.

Head of Art Mrs Smith said: ‘We encourage the students to think more conceptually regarding the themes that they can choose to develop; they don’t have to be taken literally. They can interpret them. You often find that students who are more experimental with their thinking will push boundaries and question the themes and come up with highly orginal and innovative pieces.’

GCSE student Brandon Taylor said: ‘I chose the theme of ‘Night Time’ and studied the work of architectural photographers such as Brad Feinknopf. I took pictures of the O2 at night and put an emphasis on the neon light and reflections using charcoal and oil pastels as they gave bright colours that stood out and provided a great contrast.’

Bethany Wilkins also chose the same theme and applied it to her photographic work. She said: ‘I used candle lights, fairy lights and tea lights and used my friend as a model. I looked to artists for inspiration including wedding photographer Tom Gold. I would say my work is quite vintage. It is all photography and I took a long time setting up each shot. I liked the one of my friend, I copied it, duplicated it and turned it around to create a mirror effect. I learned to be imaginative because you have to be experimental and develop your ideas.’

Ida Koczor said: ‘I chose the theme of social gatherings but I was more focused on the preparation, so I did things like wine, alcohol and a bit about instruments. I used a range of materials. In the end I used acrylic paints, which was new a new medium for me to work in.’

Mrs Smith said: ‘There’s a huge amount of talented artists across the department. We are lucky enough to have a darkroom and digital facilities so the students can tackle photography from both a traditional and modern perspective. We also have a kiln for our sculptural work and our students have access to lots of different materials and we encourage them to expand their repertoire and experiment with different media. It is fascinating to see how they can adapt and develop their ideas over the course of a project, constantly refining them and branching out, exploring their own styles.’

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