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Eloise ends rugby season in style

Eloise ends rugby season in style
Eloise with her medal and the Mobbs trophy (East Midlands Mini Rugby Cup).
Eloise ends rugby season in style
Eloise on the field.
Eloise ends rugby season in style
In action on the pitch.
Thursday 2nd May 2013 by C. Freeman

Rugby player Eloise Adcock has ended her final season in a mixed gender side in style, captaining her team to victory in the Mini Mobbs trophy competition. She led the U-12 Kettering RUFC team who won 6-0 against Huntingdon.

Eloise, who plays in the front row, said: ‘It was quite a tough game, even when we were six up it was very much in the middle of the pitch play. We got our first try in the first 30 seconds and they were a bit intimidated. We won the first try, scrum and lineout so we were very happy with ourselves. We were worn out by half time and being captain I was nervous about how I was going to lead them so I decided to get them a bit agitated to get them to work harder. At halftime it was three nil and we got three more in the second.’ The game took place at Franklin’s Gardens, home of The Saints.

Now Eloise is to join the Old Northamptonians to play in their women’s team. She first got into the sport aged just five as her family, including dad, mum and two brothers all play at Kettering. She is used to being the only girl in the squad and has played for both Kettering RFC and the Year 7 Brooke Weston rugby team.

She has built up a huge camaraderie with her team-mates; ‘As it was my last season and because it was my last game it was very, very sad. They are all texting me saying they will miss me. I love the physical contact and have had black eyes in the past and about ten weeks ago ended up on crutches.

'We have only lost one match all season. We started in August to September last year all the way through to Sunday. Every Sunday we played and in festivals as well, there’s probably more than 30 or 40 matches. We are quite an all round team because we have very fast people, those that run for the district, some tall ones that are very strong like full grown men. We have quite a lot of ammunition, good all-round players.

'I train on Wednesdays and again on Sundays if the weather’s bad and the game has been called off. I think women’s rugby is going to be very different. I have never played with a girl’s side. I trust my team so much so that going to a different team is going to be so difficult. The boys will miss me. I made a speech and said I was going to miss them because they have been like brothers to me.

'I generally wear pink when I go on to the pitch; either pink socks or a pink headband, just something to show that I am a girl. At first the opposition are a bit wary saying “I don’t want to tackle her” but after I tackle them they are like, “right, OK then!” One boy decided that girls couldn’t play rugby and decided to take the mickey out of me. My team-mates made sure he ended up in a puddle! They all looked after me so much! I just want to thank all my team-mates over the past seven years, and especially those over the last season for all the camaraderie and sport that we have enjoyed together. I will never forget them.’

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