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Charity competition

Friday 15th February 2013 by C. Freeman

A £3,000 grant will be given to a local charity selected by students as part of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative. Students from Year 9 have been tasked with choosing and researching a local charity and then making presentations to senior management. Four will be short-listed and tutor groups will have to canvass support for their chosen charity during assemblies to the whole school.

The most popular will receive a £3,000 grant from the scheme, which was first set up in Canada, but which has donated £984,000 in grants to charities in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland since 2006.

The project at Brooke Weston was launched as part of the citizenship curriculum and Year 9s are working in tutor groups to nominate and champion a charity. The only stipulation is that it has to be a ‘grass-roots’ charity, making a difference to residents in Northamptonshire. Our sister schools, Corby Business Academy and Kettering Science Academy are also taking part.

Student Kieron Meek said: ‘My tutor group 9N are championing ‘Wishes for Kids.’ If children are seriously ill and can't be cured then it helped them to get what they want and makes them happy.’

Teacher Mrs Martin said: ‘Most of the tutor groups are very enthusiastic and are all coming up with different things and ways to promote it. Nominated charities include Lakelands Hospice, Beanfield Special Needs group, women's shelters, drug rehabilitation charities and the East Park homeless shelter in Northampton.

‘The students have really researched this and taken the initiative, going out and looking for charities that are helping in their area such as the East Park homeless shelter in Northampton Quite a few of them have already been to visit their charity once in their own time and we are hoping that once we have the final list of charities we will get representatives from each to come in during their citizenship lesson to help the students with their final presentation.’

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