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Oxfam Charity Song

Oxfam Charity Song
Daniella Recording 'Day After Day'
Sunday 6th May 2007 by C. Freeman
Sign up now to receive a special charity song recorded by three Sixth Formers at Brooke Weston. 'Day after Day' costs just £ 1 for the mp3 version and all funds raised will go to Oxfam.

The charity song, performed by Daniella Mancini, Liam Halloran and Matt Stevenson is just one of a series of events at College supporting Oxfam's 'Regional Education for West Africa Campaign'. As well as buying the song, students can also make and fill a paper 'Africa' moneybox and also give to a 'spare change' collection. (see video and PDF below)

The student trio spent around four hours recording the song, which was produced by Matt in the College's recording studio. If you want a quick taster of the song, which lasts just under three minutes, simply click the link, but remember to sign up for it soon as it will be emailed to staff and students on 11 May.

Vocalist, Daniella said: 'It's been a really brilliant experience working with the others to produce something we are all really proud of. Anything that can be achieved through the song will be great, be it awareness or money. I've had a great time with the others in the process of recording it and it's absolutely something I'd love to do again in the future.'

PictureStill from the 'Africa' moneybox video
DT teachers Nigel Barrett and Tim Bateup (who wrote the song) launched the charity appeal at a College assembly and they are hoping that both students and staff will give their full support:

Mr Bateup said: 'Dani, Liam and Matt have really put a lot of effort into this song and they have made a fantastic job of it. It would be marvellous if lots of students and staff bought it as it is for such a good cause,'

Earlier this year a cheque for nearly £ 1,400 was handed to Oxfam for its school feeding programme, but this latest round of fund-raising will go towards the 'Regional Education for West Africa' campaign which aims to raise £ 170,000 to educate some of the world's poorest children.

Special dates

  • Pre-order your MP3 file : Order between Friday 4th May and Friday 11th May.
  • Loose change collection day: : Friday 11 May. Bring your spare change into College and donate it to a worthy cause as you come through the turnstiles.
  • MP3 release day: : Just go along to the finance office and give them your name and email address, along with £ 1. The track will then be emailed to you on Friday 11th May.
  • Money box return day: : Make and fill your paper moneybox and bring it back to College by Friday 1st June.
  • What else can I do? : You should already have received a money box template from your tutor, but if not, it can be downloaded here. Simply make up the box (see explanatory film) and fill it with spare change before bringing it back into College by Friday 1st June.

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