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Mr Barrett receives his own CREST certificate

Mr Barrett receives his own CREST certificate
Mr Barrett with his CREST certificate.
Mr Barrett receives his own CREST certificate
Monday 14th January 2013 by C. Freeman

Design Technology teacher Mr Barrett has received a certificate in recognition for the work he has carried out for the CREST award scheme. The scheme accredited by the British Science Association, awards students for science and technology projects. Hundreds have been issued to Brooke Weston students and just during the past academic year 72 students have received certificates for their work at bronze, silver and gold levels.

Mr Barrett has ensured that their work meets the CREST criteria and carried out the administrative records so students get the correct certification. The Bronze awards require 10 hours of project work and are aimed at 11 to 14 year-olds. Silver awards can be gained by students aged 14 to 16 who have put in about 30 hours on a specific project while the Gold awards are given to 16 to 19 year-olds who have worked at least 70 hours on real research. Students at Brooke Weston undertaking the Engineering Education Scheme work a minimum of 100 extra hours on the project.

During 2011/2012 a total of 66 students from Year 9 received the CREST Bronze Awards, Nicole Keeling and Lauren Smith both received Silver while Sixth Formers Maria Garvey, Niamh Bailey, Liam Schulz-O’Connell and Mitch Bellamy, attained Gold.

Mr Barrett, who has administered and mentored Brooke Weston’s CREST entrants for the past nine years was surprised and delighted to receive his own personal certificate for his contribution to its success. He said: ‘The CREST awards are a standalone certificate that gives students extra recognition. It gets them thinking about Design Technology and they look good in students’ portfolios. It is a lot of work and additional to that normally done in the classroom, but it is something that is so worthwhile that it creates opportunities.’

He added: ‘I want to encourage people in engineering and problem solving. I get so much out of seeing students’ success … The look on their faces when they do succeed makes it all worthwhile. It’s those “Eureka” moments when they realise they have solved the problem themselves, or else have made something really nice, like Year 7s making animal jigsaws. The students are gaining skills all the time, it is very rewarding and to receive this certificate as well is very gratifying.’

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