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Engineering Education Scheme residential

Engineering Education Scheme residential
The students at Loughborough.
Engineering Education Scheme residential
Daniel Tough, Phillipa Hawkley, Jacob Guthrie and Lewis Still.
Engineering Education Scheme residential
Daniel Essom, Vinh Ta, Benedict Findlay and Corey Clarke.
Monday 7th January 2013 by C. Freeman

Engineering students spent three full days working on their projects, attending seminars and learning more about degree courses during a recent residential. Eight students on the Engineering Education Scheme visited Loughborough University, where they worked 12-hour days refining their solutions to engineering problems.

Corey Clarke, Daniel Essom, Benedict Findlay and Vinh Ta are working on a method of data transfer using a Raspberry Pi with a touch screen for the production process at Benteler Automotive while Jacob Guthrie, Phillipa Hawkley, Lewis Still and Daniel Tough are coming up with road safety improvements around Pattishall primary school in the south of the county under the guidance of civil engineers MGWSP. There is complicated legislation surrounding road safety and crossings that the team has to take into account on their solutions.

They were visited by mentors Steve Smith and Frank Trott from Benteler and Andrew Avalone from MGWSP, while Julie Messenger, an assessor for the CREST award, also saw made the journey to Loughborough to check on progress.

Phillipa’s team worked on the electrical circuitry needed for the model they are building: ‘We have worked out the scale and done all the difficult parts that we needed a higher spec facility for. It was a good experience as you are immersed in the project and not distracted by the other things at school. It was quite productive, we started our report and there were a lot of seminars on report writing, degrees in general and opportunities at Loughborough.’

Benedict, from the other team, said: ‘A fair amount of time was spent fixing and optimising the Raspberry Pi and we also worked on our project report.’ The teams were accompanied by Mr Barrett who said: ‘In the past we have come back from the residential and not really known what we were doing so this time we have got very clear ideas of where we are going with both projects.

'I get to watch the teams have their little triumphs on the way, it was really great when they got the circuitry flashing at the right speed because they were having problems and changed tack in order to overcome them. Also we are very grateful to Benteler and MGWSP, whose support has been immense, and we couldn’t wish for better guidance from the mentors who are working closely with the teams and making sure they get the most out of this experience. ’

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