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Residential for engineering teams

Residential for engineering teams
The Raspberry Pi being trialled by the team mentored by Benteler Automotive.
Residential for engineering teams
Daniel Essom, Vinh Ta, Benedict Findlay and Corey Clarke.
Residential for engineering teams
Daniel Tough, Phillipa Hawkley, Jacob Guthrie and Lewis Still.
Thursday 13th December 2012 by C. Freeman

Two teams of students are preparing for an intensive residential at the University of Loughborough in their quest to overcome real-life engineering problems. Both teams, who are working on the Engineering Education scheme, have already spent hours researching their respective projects and making site visits to a local factory and primary school.

Corey Clarke, Daniel Essom, Benedict Findlay and Vinh Ta are working on a method of data transfer using a Raspberry Pi with a touch screen for the production process at Benteler Automotive. Mr Frank Trott, a quality engineer at Benteler will be visiting the team at Loughborough.

He said: ‘We are very keen on encouraging future engineers. As a nation we need more engineers and the more we can do to encourage people to take that line the better. This is my fourth visit to Brooke Weston and the students have been across to Benteler as well. It is looking as though it is going to be successful but there are a few project issues that are going to have to be resolved. It looks like the students are working together fairly well as a team with different people are taking on different roles within the project.’

Jacob Guthrie, Phillipa Hawkley, Lewis Still and Daniel Tough are coming up with road safety improvements around Pattishall primary school in the south of the county under the guidance of civil engineers MGWSP.

Phillipa said: ‘The project is going quite well and has moved on a lot since we started. At Pattishall there is no official crossing, just red bricks on the road. The cars don’t know whether to stop, the children don’t know whether to cross and the school is no longer very clearly signposted. We are looking at ways of making it safer in general. At the moment we are looking at introducing a zebra crossing, a variable message sign and double yellow lines.

‘We had a meeting with the head teacher, a couple of the governors and the parish council and it was interesting to see the different viewpoints from different people. We had a good discussion. At the residential we are making a scale model using electronics and acrylic so it helps to explain our solution and what it is aiming to achieve.’

Teacher Mr Barrett, who is overseeing both teams said: ‘The residential is a way for the groups to spend an extended and dedicated time working on their projects in a professional environment. They can use the university’s workshops and facilities and meet up with teams from other schools. The residential comprises three full days of research and innovation as the students often work well into the evening, and they are a really useful way of getting a great deal of work accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.’

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