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Year 7 rugby news

Year 7 rugby news
Spot the difference ... the team before and after 80 minutes of rugby.
Year 7 rugby news
Monday 10th December 2012 by C. Freeman

The Year 7 rugby team have played in a county tournament where their performance improved the more matches they played. The squad, comprising 11 boys and Eloise Adcock, faced Bishop Stopford, Campion, Wrenn and Wollaston Schools in the one-day event, held at Wellingborough.

In the first game against Campion our team lost 15 – 5, however, during the second we lost to Bishop after they scored a try in the dying seconds of the game. Our third, against Wrenn, saw our team step up their performance with three tries to nil, and in the last bout, against Wollaston School, our squad notched up two tries against one from the opposition.

The teams played four matches back to back, with ten minutes each side, making for 80 action-packed and muddy minutes of rugby. Teacher Mr Clasper said: ‘It was a slow start due to a lack of confidence and not believing in ourselves. When we realised we were actually quite good we improved. When we realised we were really good it was a bit too late. As we started playing proper rugby the tournament came to an end. On a positive note it bodes well for the match next Wednesday that we upped our game so much in this tournament.’

The Year 7 squad will play at Great Houghton next week before tackling Wrenn School at home during the last week of term. Mr Clasper said: ‘The team is getting a lot of experience in quite a short amount of time. Out of the 15 in the squad around ten have joined local clubs. The main aim for me is to give them a rugby experience and get them involved in local clubs so it can be a life-long sport as opposed to solely a school activity. The team is really enjoying it and getting a bunch of non-rugby-playing Year 7s playing is an achievement in itself. This tournament was a learning curve and the team just keeps on improving.’

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