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Sixth Formers train as Reading Leaders

Sixth Formers train as Reading Leaders
The students after their course.
Sixth Formers train as Reading Leaders
Diane Lennox from Reading Matters.
Wednesday 14th November 2012 by C. Freeman

A group of Sixth Formers will mentor younger students in literacy after completing a course to train as Reading Leaders. They will all be assigned a student from lower school to meet up with regularly and help with their reading skills.

The students received a day’s training from Diane Lennox, from Reading Matters, based in Bradford. It is the fourth time she has trained Sixth Formers from Brooke Weston in the programme, for which the students can received an OCN Level 2 accreditation.

She said: ‘It is about equipping these young people to work one-to-one with other students at school to engage them in reading activities and bring about fantastic reading age improvements. The Sixth Formers have been fantastic, have participated really well and have worked hard.

'They watched a DVD of some reading mentors at work and sorted out what they thought was good practice and poor practice. They listened to a young person reading on a CD and have completed a miscue analysis where they have worked out what is wrong with their reading and how they would support it. They have finished doing some case studies where they have been given a profile of a potential reading partner and they have got to work out how they would support them.’

The Sixth Formers will be partnered with a student from lower school and will have two sessions per week focused on reading. Emily King said: ‘I would like to be a teacher so I think it will look good on my CV and UCAS applications. I want to try things that will help children, and it is fascinating to think about how children learn to read. What I found most interesting was listening to a boy read. We had a copy of what he was reading and annotating it.

'We ticked every word he got right and it was interesting to see where he would correct himself and where he was always going wrong; he was really struggling with words with apostrophes in. It is finding out the common mistakes that young readers make. I am really looking forward to working with my student, creating that bond and being able to hopefully make a difference to someone struggling with reading.’

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