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Award for 8R tutor group

Award for 8R tutor group
Tutor group 8R with Mrs Navarro-Marin
Award for 8R tutor group
Nicole Webb and Harrison Fox accepting the Principal's Award on behalf of their tutor group.
Tuesday 2nd October 2012 by C. Freeman

Tutor group 8R are going to enjoy a trip to Kids Play in Kettering after being awarded the Principal’s Award in the recent Prize Giving. Miss Stringer gave the award after being impressed at how the tutor group looked after each other, particularly Rajmund Baranyi who is blind and who has learned to ‘map’ his way around the building.

She told the audience at Prize Giving: ‘The one thing that I did not cater for were the 24 other young people who would be in his tutor group, that would guide him from lesson to lesson, that would support him through his lesson time and basically there is nothing that Rajmund hasn’t done. He is an amazing young man. The reason that Rajmund has had all those opportunities is because the tutor group 7R have been the most wonderful young people and have shown the most amazing amount of care, of course, along with the most amazing tutor who made sure that on, probably the first or the second day, the rest of the tutor group were blindfolded just so they could appreciate how it was to navigate their way around Brooke Weston when they couldn’t see.’

Phillipa Mander and Tom Blaikie are just two of the students from the tutor group (now 8R) that accompany Rajmund. Phillipa said: ‘We sit with him at lunch or walk around with him. Being blindfolded was useful because it helped to understand how Rajmund gets around.’

Rajmund’s favourite subjects are science and DT and he is particularly pleased with some of the machine sewing he did in textiles: ‘I get around with my memory mostly. It didn't take me a long time to learn to find my way around, about four or five months. I like it here and keep up in lessons. It is quite busy between lessons when students move around. The hardest thing is using my cane here because I don’t have to use it at home but it is easy going up and down stairs.’

8R’s tutor Mrs Navarro Marin said: ‘My tutor group are really looking forward to going to Kids Play, probably some time next term. They are very good, they always look after each other, whether they are looking after Rajmund or looking after each other, it is something that they naturally do.’

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