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Lower School Disco

Lower School Disco
Christmas disco-goers
Tuesday 20th December 2005 by C. Freeman
Imagine being surrounded by a murky gloom. Above you a bank of lights beam down intermittent rays, illuminating all around with uncanny pinpricks and bursts of brilliance. A tumult of bodies are revealed, heaving and reforming in countless patterns under the kaleidoscopic haze, swaying to an insistent beat that seems totally foreign… Welcome to Brooke Weston's legendary Christmas disco! Hundreds of students packed into the Weston Theatre to celebrate the end of term and let their hair down after another season of hard work - and they made the most of every second!

PictureChristmas disco-goers
Videos were beamed onto a massive screen which was filled, either with the latest must-see bands or a swirling vortex of pattern to accompany the music, which included tracks from Eminem, DJ Caspar and Green Day.

Students scrubbed up and wore their own clothes to the end-of-year bash - low slung jeans and trainers were the uniform of choice for the boys while the girls adopted strappy and glittery garb. There were two events, one for the lower school and one for the upper, but the running order and music was much the same for each.

Videos featured such greats as Madonna, Sugababes and Girls Aloud and one highlight of the lower school disco was the playing of the video from the Fairthorne Manor residential. Refreshments were available to the sweating masses and each event was patrolled by a series of (bemused!) Brooke Weston staff.

DJ Robert Reid kept the party going in fine style. Hannah Sneddon succinctly summed up the vibe of the lower school disco: 'It's really great being with your mates and just chilling out. Wicked!'

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