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Brooke Weston wildlife photographed

Brooke Weston wildlife photographed
Ms Boyce with her photo of a Burnet moth caterpillar.
Thursday 13th September 2012 by C. Freeman

Science teacher Miss Boyce photographs wildlife as a hobby and some of her stunning shots are displayed in the science corridor. They show the diversity of flora and fauna locally and all but one have been taken on site.

It takes practice and patience to get the perfect shot and Miss Boyce recently captured a dragonfly as it emerged from its nymph stage, an often unobserved process that can take up to three hours. She loves the dramatic landscape of Wales, searches out funghi in forests and is constantly on the look-out for new subjects, with capturing dolphins and otters in their natural environment high on her photographic wish-list.

Miss Boyce began her hobby about 20 years ago and has taken hundreds of wildlife and landscape scenes, all of which are genuine with no digital enhancement or editing. She has had one of her photographs published on the BBC website and plans to write a blog about wildlife photography that should appear on the Brooke Weston website soon.

She said: ‘You have got to allow time because obviously you are not going to get a butterfly as soon as it first lands; you might as well wait for it to come back around and land on the flower again. Therefore you need a lot of time and patience. It is about having an eye for detail. Don’t chase after the wildlife, let it come to you.

‘I have taken photos of a dragonfly emerging from 11 at night until one in the morning. They can’t fly away, they are in the middle of that process and it is one that you are never going to see again. It is very calming but at the same time it can be frustrating if you don’t get the shot that you want.’

Miss Boyce, a biologist, runs the ecology club where students explore the grounds and habitats of Brooke Weston during the spring and summer. Many of her photographs are from those sessions, where students also carry out pond-dipping and wildlife surveys. Species on site include bee orchids, grass snakes, newts, lizards, herons and hares while foxes and deer have also been spotted nearby.

Miss Boyce said: ‘Last year the students found the shed skin of a grass snake and also a common lizard. Their reactions were amazing. They are not used to seeing those sort of things, so they really loved it.’

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