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Brooke Weston elections 2012

Brooke Weston elections 2012
Victorious 8S with Miss Boon and Mrs Halloway.
Brooke Weston elections 2012
Miss Stringer, the Party Leaders and Lewis holding the trophy.
Brooke Weston elections 2012
Last minute canvassing in front of the polling booths.
Thursday 30th August 2012 by C. Freeman

Congratulations to 8S who have won this year’s Brooke Weston election after a hard-fought campaign against the other Year 8 tutor groups. The results were announced in assembly with prizes presented in other categories including best manifesto and best political speech.

Solutions Party leader Lewis Gillespie was presented with a trophy and the whole tutor group will go on a trip to the Houses of Parliament as a reward for their success. As well as devising manifestos, tutor groups had to create web pages, videos, rosettes and marketing materials. The Party Leaders were subjected to a ‘Question Time’ type debate hosted by Mr Wilson, while the whole of the lower school saw 15-minute long presentations by each political party before deciding which way to vote.

There was a 48% turnout from eligible staff and students and 8S captured 26% of the vote to clinch victory with 121 votes. Tutor groups 8N and 8W were second and third respectively.

The event was organised by Mr Houghton and Mr Bidwell. Mr Houghton said: ‘The Question Time session worked really well and, because the Party Leaders were quizzed rigorously, they had to have realistic and deliverable policies that were carefully formulated.’

After the victory Lewis Gillespie said: ‘It was good being party leader. I was quite nervous about the speech but it paid off in the end. We concentrated on equality for all and campaigned for a fairer society in eight different categories including education, health and the environment. We ran a fair campaign and our stall in the voting hall won a lot of last-minute votes. Everyone in the tutor group pulled together and I would like to thank everybody who voted for us in this fiercely-contested election.’

Miss Stringer commended all the tutor groups for their efforts and other prizes were awarded:

Best poster or flyer: 8N

Best manifesto: 8T

Best webpage: 8N

Best badge or rosette: 8E

Best speech: 8W

Best display board: 8S

Best UK political system board: 8R

Best campaign clip: 8S

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