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Further GCSE success stories

Further GCSE success stories
Jo Newton and Pippa Hawkley.
Further GCSE success stories
Lauren Smith
Further GCSE success stories
Savanna Kirkpatrick
Further GCSE success stories
Chris Weaver with Mr Browne
Tuesday 28th August 2012 by C. Freeman

Here is the final round-up of students celebrating this year’s exceptional GCSE results:

Pippa Hawkley was the first girl from Brooke Weston to achieve an A grade in engineering. She had a joint celebration with friend Jo Newton after the duo achieved 19A* or A graded qualifications between them.

Jo got 3A*s and 7As. She said: ‘I am going to make sure that I work just as hard for my A Levels as I want to do anything in the music industry. Physics and maths can help me be a sound engineer and English language can help me be to a lyricist. I am most proud of the music and maths GCSEs because I found the first year of maths really hard and I struggled with music so these results are a massive load off my mind!’

Pippa who achieved 4A*s and 5As, is planning to take maths, physics, chemistry and biology A Levels. She said: ‘I am probably most pleased with my A in engineering and after A Levels I want to do a degree in mechanical engineering at University College London.’

Lauren Smith is returning to Brooke Weston to study business, psychology, art and design and English language after gaining 7As and a Distinction in Art and design. She is not sure what career she wants and said: ‘My favourite result was probably psychology because I wasn’t expecting to get an A grade in it.’

Savanna Kirkpatrick got 2A* and 7A graded results. She said: ‘Media was the hardest subject and I had to work really hard for it. The secret was doing revision and I wasn’t expecting my results to be as good as this!’ She is now planning to study maths and media at A Level.

Chris Weaver is celebrating his 5A*s and 4As. He said: ‘I hope to do sciences, maths and art, perhaps leading to something to do with IT and 3D computer modelling as a career.’

Congratulations to all our students who did so well in their GCSE examinations this year.

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