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GCSE success stories

GCSE success stories
Daniel Tough
GCSE success stories
Briana Rogerson
GCSE success stories
Eliot Beeby
GCSE success stories
Emily McClymont
GCSE success stories
Ben Perkins
GCSE success stories
Lina Sytchenko
GCSE success stories
Sam Peasnell
GCSE success stories
Emily Irvine
Thursday 23rd August 2012 by C. Freeman

Our top performing GCSE students are all celebrating after gaining handfuls of A* and A graded qualifications.

Daniel Tough got 10A*s and one A grade: ‘ I was really pleased with my results and am coming back to do physics, chemistry, maths and one other subject. I want to go to university to study physics and want to go and do some research, perhaps work somewhere like CERN. It was great when I told everyone at home about my results, they were really supportive and proud.’

Briana Rogerson got 3A*s and 9A grades: ‘I am really happy, I didn’t think I would do this well. I was revising every night. I will do three individual sciences and maths at A Level as I want to study medicine at Cardiff hopefully.’

Eliot Beeby got 8A*s and 3A grade: ‘It has been hard waiting for these results, I just tried to forget about it. I am coming back to maybe do philosophy and ethics, history, German and maths. I have always wanted to go to Oxbridge so I might aim for that.’

Emily McClymont got 3A*s and 7As: ‘I am going to come back to do three sciences and maths and I just worked hard to get these grades. My favourite subject was chemistry and I am most pleased about that result and I eventually want to go to Bristol vet school.’

Ben Perkins got 7A*s and 2As: ‘I am going to do three sciences, maths and further maths for A Level. I worked fairly hard for these. I am going to try to go to Oxbridge and then have a career in finance.’

Lina Sytchenko got 5A*s and 4As: ‘I am so happy, I didn’t think it would be that good. I am most pleased about the A* in my science. I am taking biology and chemistry at A Level because I want to be a doctor. I also want to do maths and maybe psychology, I haven’t decided yet.’

Sam Peasnell got 7A*s and 2As: ‘I want to go to uni and if I can get to Oxford or Cambridge I will try. I will be coming back to do sciences and maths A Levels.’

Emily Irvine got 10A grades: ‘I am so happy and relieved. I knew I had done OK because I had tried so hard but it is good to see that it has actually paid off! I am coming back to study Spanish and maths, and I think I will study geography and English as well. I really struggled with the practical side of DT at first, that was the only thing I found really tricky.’

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