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More A Level success stories

More A Level success stories
Nathanial Haven.
More A Level success stories
Ryan Feakin, Carl Jones and Tristan Macro.
More A Level success stories
Will Bolton.
More A Level success stories
Harjit Kang.
More A Level success stories
Holli Munford.
More A Level success stories
Nina Mistry.
Thursday 16th August 2012 by C. Freeman

Economics, science, maths and sport are just a handful of the subjects Brooke Weston students are going to study at university, with one going to Canada to study chemical engineering.

Nathanial Haven, who was born in Canada and lived there until the age of six, is returning to study in Saskatchewan. He has been at Brooke Weston for two years and was awarded A*s in biology and physics and As in chemistry and maths. He said: ‘It is scary obviously because I have to leave my family but it will be exciting. It should be a four year degree course and then I will stay in Canada. I want to become a chemical engineer, it is very applied, it combines chemistry, maths and physics which are all subjects I enjoy.’

Tristan Macro and Ryan Feakin are both studying economics at Warwick and the University of Nottingham respectively. Tristan, who got an A* in maths and further maths, an A in physics and a B in Spanish was originally going to study engineering but changed his focus: ‘I thought I would change it to economics because it would suit me better and there would be more options from it. I hope it will lead me to do something financial, whether that is accountancy or consultancy, something like that.’

Ryan, who got A* in maths and As in physics and further maths, first got interested in economics as part of the ebusiness course (in which he earned a Distinction): ‘I became interested in economics in 2008 when the credit crunch started. I was doing ebusiness in Year 10 and we were studying the way businesses allocate resources and I got really interested in it, it intrigued me.’

Carl Jones is going down the scientific route, studying physics at Durham after getting an A* in maths plus A grades in physics, further maths and chemistry. He said: ‘I want a career in research and will study further and may even aim for a doctorate , I’ll have to see how it goes. I went on the CERN trip last year and it was amazing seeing what has been achieved and what happens to all the research money.’

Will Bolton who achieved an A* in maths, As in further maths and physics and B in chemistry will study maths at Lancaster. He said: ‘Maths is cool. I can’t really pick a career in advance but maths is really good because it just shows that you can adapt to stuff; it is an employable degree. I went to the Lancaster open day and thought that it was really nice up there.’

Harjit Kang is off to Birmingham University with his Distinctions in BTEC sport, ebusiness and Information Technology. He will study IT communications technology and hopes to become an IT consultant.

Holli Munford and Nina Mistry are both studying sports, with Holli signed up for sports science and management after getting Distinctions in sport and travel and tourism courses and a merit in art and design. She has got a scholarship and will start at Nottingham Trent next month.

Nina is planning a career as a sports teacher and is going to study PE and coaching at the University of Worcester, having secured her place with a Distinction and star in BTEC sport, a Distinction in health and social care and an A in media studies.

Congratulations to all our students and good luck with your continuing studies.

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