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Enterprising project for Year 8 students

Enterprising project for Year 8 students
Architect Emma Tansley who assisted the Year 8 students with their enterprise project.
Wednesday 18th July 2012 by C. Freeman

Year 8 students designed housing and sports complexes during a day-long project inspired by the Olympics. The event, run by Young Enterprise, tasked the students with designing and costing their scheme, and submitting a bid for consideration by visiting professionals from the industry. The students split into groups of six or seven and each was assigned a specific role.

Mr Robin Neighbour of Young Enterprise led the day. He said: ‘The students have got a full size A1 site plan and they have got to decide on the configuration of their site calculating costings and profits. They will work out their management structure and decide on a mission and vision statement for their company. Then they will produce drawings and 3D cut-outs of their sports complex. Finally they will do a presentation on why they think theirs is the best scheme.’

‘Throughout the day they have specific deadlines to meet so we are putting some pressure on them. As well as group work they will each have individual tasks to fulfil. They are having fun but also asking lots of questions and getting help from the professional mentors. The students are all on task and working hard.’

The Next Generation team consisted of building manager Harry Johnston with Amelia Donnelly as marketing manager. Emma Beadsworth and Josh Foley were architects while Isabella Aves was town planner and Ruben Garcha had the role of quantity surveyor. He said: ‘It is quite complex because you have to work out what your expenses are against your income.’

The team’s project manager Alice Boore said: ‘Designing the complex and village is a bit complicated especially when trying to manage the money at the same time. We are working really well, different people are inputting on everything and, so far, we are a bit ahead on our tasks. The project is interesting and fun. ’

Architect Emma Tansley from Waterland Associates in Oundle was mentoring the students: ‘Some are so switched on it is frightening while others need a little more input. This have been a really worthwhile experience and it is always good for people from industry to help out and give students a little guidance.’

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