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Snakes project in DT

Snakes project in DT
Tutor group 8R in the Design Technology department.
Wednesday 20th June 2012 by C. Freeman

Year 8 tutor groups are currently battling to see who can produce the best snake project this term. They have been constructing articulated snakes out of wood and textiles, then will mass-produce cupcakes, lining them up in snake formation to see who can make the longest one. Their results, and the process will be documented and presented to the other tutor groups at the end of this term.

The snake project is always hotly contested with each tutor group vying for victory and voting for people to fill key roles. 8R’s overall project manager is James Flint who said: ‘I am quite good at organisation and I like helping people out. We are doing all sorts of different things, and are planning on putting in a special feature that we don’t think any of the other tutor groups will do - it is top secret!’

Abel Koczor is 8R’s promotional team leader and Matthew Donaldson is its manufacturing leader. He said: ‘The hardest thing is probably cutting the wooden blocks because it is labour intensive. I go around checking and doing quality control and the team are all very good.’

Mollie Waite, who is in charge of the textile skin, said: ‘We are covering each section in textiles and people are producing those on the sewing machine. As I am textiles team leader I will make sure that each section looks good, hand-sewing things like buttons on to make our snake even more individual. Textiles is the sort of thing I want to do when I am older.’

Teacher Mrs Wright, who is overseeing 8R said: ‘We have been looking at production methods and the tutor group are working well as a team. This is a proper business model and they have to come up with a team name, a colour scheme, a logo and create the longest snake out of cupcakes and the best snake out of wood and textiles. We are looking for quality, not quantity, and they will present to the other tutor groups at the end of term by creating Powerpoints, videos or websites. It is proving a very popular project, almost like an inter-tutor competition.’

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