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Students meet top author Darren Shan

Students meet top author Darren Shan
The Brooke Weston group with best-selling author Darren Shan.
Students meet top author Darren Shan
Two students on the receiving end of a trademark Shan "strangle"!
Students meet top author Darren Shan
Students with a snake from Tropical Inc.
Thursday 10th May 2012 by C. Freeman

Best-selling children’s author Darren Shan signed copies of his books, posed for photographs and spoke about his career and inspiration during a recent event at Kettering. Mr Shan (aka Darren O’Shaughnessey) spoke to a packed audience about his writing career, which has included the Cirque du Freak and Demonata series.

He read extracts from his latest zombie fiction and spent hours signing hundreds of books for enthusiastic fans. As well as meeting their favourite author, the students also handled snakes, tarantulas, scorpions and other exotic animals from Tropical Inc, that were also at the event organised by Waterstones at Kettering Arts Centre.

Librarian Mrs Adams took along 14 students from Brooke Weston who were all keen to meet their writing hero, with many having photographs taken with Darren. She said: ‘He was brilliant at reading excerpts from his books and his new one about zombies was really quite frightening. He answered questions and afterwards everyone was welcome to get books signed with some people taking along their whole collection!

'I have never seen an author sign so many books and his attention to detail was amazing, he even had a pen with silver ink just so he could sign his books with black covers. Overall the event was amazing, firstly as the students had the chance to handle the animals, and then because meeting Darren Shan was such a thrill!’

Dean Brooks from Year 9 said: ‘I enjoyed the event as Darren Shan is my favourite author. I liked where he read out the parts of his books as everyone was quiet and just listening to him speak. The animals at the beginning were fun to meet as you could hold the snakes and stroke other animals like the owl and the hedgehog.’

Teacher Mr Clarke said: ‘As a big Darren Shan fan I was really looking forward to this event, it did not disappoint. Beforehand we were able to get up close and personal with some exotic animals including a snake, skunk, scorpion, owl and snapping turtle. Then Darren took to the stage reading some extracts from his older books and one from his new Zom B book, released later this year. Afterwards he had a lot of time for his fans, signing any books that were brought to him and posing for photos, using his signature “strangle” for many of them.’

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