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Engineering Education Scheme celebration day

Engineering Education Scheme celebration day
The team at the celebration day.
Engineering Education Scheme celebration day
Thursday 3rd May 2012 by C. Freeman

Sixth Formers from Brooke Weston attended a celebration day to mark the end of a project they carried out for the Engineering Education Scheme. The team, working in conjunction with mentors from civil engineers MGWSP, were tasked with improving safety around Kingswood School in Corby and, as part of their research, they conducted site visits, completed a residential study trip to Loughborough University and had the chance to see behind the scenes at Netcom, the traffic control centre in Northampton.

Niamh Bailey, Mitch Bellamy, Maria Garvey and Liam Schulz-O’Connell invested over 100 hours each on the project which was overseen by traffic specialists Mr Shane Collins and Mr Andrew Avalone of MGWSP and teacher, Mr Barrett.

The celebration day took place at Cranmore Park, Solihull and the Brooke Weston team was the first to present their project to school teams from across the East and West Midlands.

Mr Barrett said: ‘They did really well in the presentation and were very confident. They were one of the best teams I have had and they had created detailed models and AutoCAD drawings to illustrate the problem and solution.

‘The important thing is the process that the students go through. Out of up to 80 other projects at the celebration day, ours was the only one to involve civil engineering, the rest were mechanical engineering problems. It was very different programme and all about legislation, paperwork and bills of quantity. It was much more detailed in certain areas but the actual journey for the students has been fantastic as they knew nothing about the subject initially.’

The students will receive detailed feedback from the Engineering Education Scheme judges within the next month and their ideas have already been communicated to County Hall. Mr Collins, a traffic engineer, told the students: ‘I have had a meeting with the County Council and they wanted me to pass on their thanks for the work you have undertaken. They were very impressed with the report and your ideas.’

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