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Gap Year

BUNACBUNACBUNAC programmes offer students and young people an enriching and affordable alternative to package tourism. On a BUNAC programme, you have the chance to live and breathe another culture from the inside, instead of merely passing through as a tourist.World ChallengeWorld ChallengeWCE specialises in the provision of leadership, teamwork and personal development training for young people. WCE works with schools, colleges, central government, individuals and youth groups to ensure that every young person is encouraged to have access to a wide range of skills development and educational opportunities.GreenforceGreenforceGreenforce provides opportunities for conservation enthusiasts to gain practical experience, essential for building a career within this competitive and fast growing sector.Project TrustProject TrustA gap year organisation that sends school leavers abroad for a year's voluntary work in 24 different developing countries.Raleigh InternationalRaleigh InternationalRaleigh International is a youth development charity which inspires people from all backgrounds and nationalities to discover their full potential by working together on challenging environmental and community projects around the world. They run 3-month expeditions that are part of a longer programme of training weekends and workshops prior to expedition. The training concentrates on personal development, cultural awareness, global issues and preparing people for expedition life.Trekforce WorldwideTrekforce WorldwideTrekforce Expeditions was formed in 1990 as a UK registered charity (No. 1005452) and is entirely funded by voluntary contributions from individuals and corporate bodies. Its role is to raise funds and enlist the aid of sponsors to finance the organisation and staffing of expeditions which support science, conservation and community projects in Central America and South East Asia. The Trust is non-political.VentureCo TrustVentureCo TrustThe VentureCo Trust supports a number of projects in Latin America and India. There are three parties involved: The Venturers, who provide the workforce for a period of up to four weeks; The recipient project, overseen by a resident project manager; The funding, which comes from the VentureCo Trust.Gap WorkGap WorkInformation about working abroad and gap year organisations. Australia, Europe and Canada. Infomation booklets available from 'bar work in Berlin or Paris, fruitpicking in France or waiting tables in Amsterdam'.
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Copyright © 2007 - 2020, Brooke Weston Academy. All rights reserved.
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