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Pupil Premium Statement

Information for the 2013/2014 Academic Year

  1. Pupil Premium Funding:

    The Pupil Premium allocation for the 2013/2014 Academic Year was £142,630.

    For the 2014/2015 Academic Year, we expect to receive £141,708

  2. Pupil Premium Expenditure:

    Pupil Premium expenditure in the previous Academy Financial Year;

    These funds were used in a variety of ways to provide additional support and intervention for all students, but with a particular focus on those in receipt of ‘Free School Meals’ (FSM), ‘Looked After Children’ (LAC) and children whose parents work in the Armed Services. A key area where these funds were targeted is to ensure the continued progress and academic achievement for these vulnerable groups.

    Specific examples of the support and interventions which took place include:

    • Additional resource in English and maths to provide additional teaching groups which were smaller (where staffing allowed). This allowed for additional support for vulnerable students where it had been identified that they were underachieving
    • Curriculum support – additional time focussing on maths and English with learning mentors, and/or the one-to-one tutors for maths and English who focussed on low literacy and numeracy levels and where the rate of progress was not as expected
    • Software programme to develop literacy skills across KS3
    • G&T programme to inspire and motivate students
    • Reader leaders – Yr12 and 13 externally certificated scheme (fully-funded) where students in Years 7 and 8 received a mentor and spent one or two sessions a week developing reading and social skills
    • Careers advice and guidance – ex-Connexions advisor employed to give advice to students from Years 9-13, both as groups and individually, to reduce the risk of any student becoming a NEET
    • School counsellor available for those students wishing to have individual appointments, including the appointment of a second counsellor
    • Curriculum trips subsidised or part-subsidised to prevent social exclusion
    • Fairthorne Manor (Yr7) and other residentials subsidised or part-subsidised
    • Transport subsidies for those facing financial difficulties
    • Uniform, PH&F sports kit and essential equipment (including study guides in KS4 and text books in KS5) subsidies for those facing financial difficulties
    • Subsidised music lessons
    • Revision programmes and external agencies delivering study skills to maximise achievement
    • Whole staff training on meta-cognitive thinking skills, assessment strategies and ‘closing the gap’
    • Research and Development activities aimed at ‘closing the gap’
  3. Intentions for the 2014/2015 Academic Year:

    We intend to continue with the initiatives listed above. We will continually review them and add or remove initiatives to ensure continued success, raised aspirations and to limit social exclusion.

  4. Impact on educational attainment on vulnerable students for whom we receive Pupil Premium funding:

    The vast majority of our Pupil Premium students made good progress throughout the year. Students’ progress and achievement was measured, in particular, at the end of KS3, KS4 and KS5.

MeasurePupil Premium StudentsAll Students
End of KS328 students178 students
Average progress in English (KS2-3)1.5 Levels1.5 Levels
Average progress in maths (KS2-3)1.2 Levels1.4 Levels
Average progress in science (KS2-3)1.3 Levels1.5 Levels
Achieving Level 5+ in English98%100%
Achieving Level 5+ in maths89%94%
Achieving Level 5+ in both English and maths89%93%
End of KS429 students179 students
5 A*-C 76%90%
5 A*-C, including English and maths69%85%
3+ levels of progress in English83%88%
3+ levels of progress in maths76%82%
3+ levels of progress in science93%84%
English Baccalaureate38%49%
Average capped point score 339.8347.7
Average total point score 385.5400.0
3A/A* 21%23%
2+ science 59%73%
1 modern foreign language59%73%
End of KS57 students124 students
Achieving 2+ Level 3 qualifications100%98%
Average points score per student342.5336.3
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