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Our Vision

Brooke Weston Academy opened in 1991 with the aim of providing ‘a stimulating learning environment which maximises individual potential’. This aim has not changed and at Brooke Weston Academy, we believe that we provide a unique educational experience.

Brooke Weston Academy is different because of its ethos, which centres on mutual respect and hard work and results in a calm and productive atmosphere. Everyone is expected to respect each other and the school equipment. Teachers and students work towards a common aim. Teachers do not have a staff room that separates them from the students, but work in the study areas and classrooms.

Sixth Form students do not have a common room. Classrooms are not locked and facilities, such as computers, are available for students to use, before, during and after the formal school day. Students are expected to treat the facilities with care, and the trust that is placed in them is well founded.

Our vision is of an academy that provides a stimulating learning experience. One that places learning and teaching at the heart of everything we do; where the focus is on securing the very best academic progress and personal development for every student... an academy where we all care enough to challenge and where we are driven to securing the best outcomes for all.

We are determined that a handful of years spent at Brooke Weston Academy will open the door to a lifetime of achievement and opportunity.

This is through:

  • a relentless pursuit of excellence;
  • being ambassadors of aspiration, excellence and resilience;
  • ensuring everyone shares the highest expectations and absolute belief that, given the right conditions to flourish, all can and will go on to do so;
  • providing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which inspires, challenges, engages and develops a full range of skills and abilities;
  • encouraging students to take ownership, pride and responsibility for their own learning;
  • devising flexible, differentiated and responsive routes through the curriculum;
  • equipping students with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and resilience necessary to succeed as individuals and as responsible and valued members of society, in a world coping with increasing change;
  • ensuring that students and staff are safe and secure and operate within a mutually supportive and respectful environment;
  • allowing students to discover that they are capable of more than even they themselves thought possible and believing that success can be for everyone;
  • developing close links with the community, particularly parents and local employers.
Copyright © 2007 - 2020, Brooke Weston Academy. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2007 - 2020, Brooke Weston Academy. All rights reserved.
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