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Post 16 Studies

Modern Foreign Languages

Success in a Modern Foreign Language is becoming more and more important due to the rich and diverse culture around us. Having a language will improve your chances of getting a good job in the future and a place at a top university. The languages department will encourage you to work independently in preparation for Higher Education and will provide you with learning opportunities that enable you to showcase your talents. The department offers A Level courses in French, German and Spanish and is fortunate in having experienced staff, including native speakers. The department also has the support of language assistants, who are able to give additional help with spoken language and conversation in their respective languages.

A level French, German or Spanish

Exam Board AQA
Assessment Externally-set examination

This course seeks to extend and develop the four skills learned at GCSE, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. At the same time, and equally importantly, students are expected to develop their grammar skills and their knowledge of the societies in those countries where these languages are spoken and their understanding of the problems and challenges that these societies face. In this context, students will find themselves discussing such diverse cultural topics as:

  1. Social issues and trends
  2. Political and artistic culture
  3. Grammar
Units studied Unit 1: Reading, Writing and Listening 50%
Unit 2: Writing 20%
Unit 3: Speaking 30%
Future pathways In an increasingly globalised world, employers value not only the linguistic and communication skills, which are the backbone of the A Level course, but also the ability to understand other cultures and alternative ways of thinking, which is an integral part of language study. Modern Languages give graduates highly marketable skills and languages graduates develop careers in many sectors of the economy, including marketing, business and commerce, finance and banking, advertising, public relations, communications and transport.