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Brooke Weston

Post 16 Studies

Former Students

'I left Brooke Weston Academy in 2014 and, rather unconventionally, chose not to go to university. Instead I was employed as a school leaver by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in their Management Consulting practice. 'The firm pays for my professional qualifications, and I get paid a salary at the same time. I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I've moved to London, and have just been promoted following successful completion of my exams. The opportunities presented to me have been excellent and I'm confident I've made the right choice. My seven years at Brooke Weston Academy prepared me well for entering the world of work. The skills and knowledge I gained have been very useful in my job so far, and the support I received from Brooke Weston Academy's careers advisor was fundamental to me making the decision to apply to PwC as well as playing a big part in my success.'

Jack Crane

In 2015 I left Brooke Weston Academy after seven years to study medicine at the University of Cambridge. I can confidently say that Brooke Weston Academy allowed me to fulfil my potential and go on to study at such a high calibre institution. In my first year at Cambridge, I've had the opportunity to carry out full body dissection for study of anatomy and I've also been lectured by highly influential figures within the field of medicine. 'Aside from the academics, I've made friends with people that have come from all parts of the globe and I've also found myself involved with rowing, the student's executive committee (known as the JCR), and also the college's medical society. I'm having a great time at Cambridge and the hard work I put in while at Brooke Weston Academy was definitely worthwhile.'

Kiran Joshi

'When I was applying to Sixth Form the appeal of Brooke Weston was the strength of its science department, as it offered specialist teachers and challenging, in-depth courses. During my two years there its ethos encouraged learning and enabled me to make good friends, both of these aspects continue to be invaluable at university. In particular at Brooke Weston I learned how to learn effectively and gained practical scientific skills. Also of great value was the support given to me in successfully making a challenging application to my first choice university of Cambridge and giving me a running start there.'

Gautham Kumar