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Post 16 Studies


The Business department consists of specialist Business teacher who plan and deliver lessons in a number of dedicated ICT suites, each containing up-to-date equipment including PCs, scanners, laser printers and interactive whiteboards. The department also has an extensive library of software ranging from word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database applications to audio visual, animation and desk top processing. This allows students a wide range of choice in how to produce work in order to satisfy learning outcomes.

AS and A level Business Studies

Exam BoardWJEC
Assessment100% Externally-set written examination
OverviewThis is a two year course which enables students to gain a broad understanding of business and how businesses operate in the wider world. Students will develop skills of analysis and evaluation as well as applying their knowledge to a variety of case study situations.
Units studiedA2 Component 1: Business Opportunities and Functions (33% of the total A2 marks)
A2 Component 2: Business Analysis and Strategy (33% of the total A2 marks)
A2 Component 3: Business in the Changing World (33% of the total A2 marks)
Future pathwaysThere are many university courses which give students the opportunity to specialise in one particular area of business studies, such as marketing or marketing and finance. Business studies students have a wide range of career opportunities available to them, from financial management to marketing and commerce and human resources management.

Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate in Business

Exam BoardOCR
Assessment50% Coursework and 50% External Examinations
OverviewThis course offers students the opportunity to explore the world of business with the completion of 5 units, created in collaborated with leading business the qualification explores all aspects of the business world including practical activities – ideal for a wide range of learning styles.
Units studiedUnit 1: Business environment (Exam – Double weighting)
Unit 2: Working in business (Exam)
Unit 4: Customers and communication (Coursework)
Unit 5: Marketing and research (Coursework)
Unit 21: Being Entrepreneurial (Coursework)
Future pathwaysStudents of Business go on to study a range of subjects at degree level. Many university courses offer Business modules which this course would support. Business is a valuable subject over a range of careers. Business studies provide students with an understanding of the way that businesses and organisations operate and could therefore be applied to virtually any career.

Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care

Exam BoardOCR
AssessmentCoursework and Examination
OverviewA Cambridge Technical is a vocational qualification at Level 3 that is the equivalent of one A Level and provides a sound basis for those wishing to follow a career in health, social care or child care. The course develops skills and understanding that are directly relevant to these careers.
Units studiedUnit 1: Building positive relationships in health and social care (Coursework)
Unit 2: Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care (Exam)
Unit 3: Health, safety and security in health and social care (Exam)
Unit 4: Anatomy and physiology for health and social care (Exam)
Unit 7: Safeguarding (Coursework)
Unit 15: Promoting health and wellbeing (Coursework)
Future pathwaysStudents who achieve this qualification will be prepared to enter a variety of HND or degree level courses in health, social care and early years care-related subjects. For example, a student achieving a Cambridge Technical Level 3 Introductory Diploma in Health and Social Care, supported by a suitable A Level subject, and wishing to progress to further qualifications in the health sector may undertake a qualification in one of the following areas: professions allied to medicine; complementary healthcare; sports health; or dietetics.