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Ofsted Inspection Report

26th - 27th January 2011

This letter is provided for the school, parents and carers to share with their children. It describes Ofsted’s main findings from the inspection of their school.

28 January 2011

Dear Students

Inspection of Brooke Weston Academy, Great Oakley, NN18 8LA

I am writing on behalf of the inspection team to thank you all very much for welcoming us to your academy. We very much enjoyed the opportunities we had to meet some of you in lessons, small groups and around the building. The discussions and responses to the questionnaire helped the inspection team to come to some important judgments about the academy’s provision for your education.

Brooke Weston Academy is outstanding in all areas of its provision. This is an amazingly good feat, achieved over two years as an academy, building on the success of Brooke Weston City Technology College. Brooke Weston provides you with a first class education, and helps you to exceed all expectations. The excellent leadership of the principal and her senior team resulted in the academy achieving its best ever results in 2010. These results were very high because your teachers are determined that all of you, regardless of ability, gender or race achieve your best. This is possible because, as you say, ‘Teachers encourage us to reach for the stars’. The curriculum is imaginative and broad so that it meets your different needs, interests and aspirations. In this, the academy builds upon your skills and many talents through a range of specialisms. For example, you fast track through personalised studies to enable you to take GCSE in Year 10 and study AS-Levels in Year 11. Your outstanding personal development, the high quality support, guidance and recreational activities help you to build further your skills and confidence. This, as some of you told us, makes up for missing your break times.

Despite being judged as outstanding and consistently helping you to achieve high results, the academy is convinced that it can do even better. We agree with the leaders, including the governing body, that more of you could gain the highest grades. The academy knows its strengths well and plans to provide you with even more challenging work to optimise your performance.

The profile of your academy has been changing recently, with more students whose circumstances make them vulnerable. We have therefore asked your principal and the governors to develop a greater awareness of this with particular regard to outstanding provision for groups including those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

You can help by making the most of all the opportunities that the academy offers. We wish you all every future success.

Yours sincerely
Rashida Sharif
Her Majesty’s Inspector

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