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Ofsted Inspection Report

26th - 27th January 2011

Inspection judgements

Overall effectiveness: how good is the school?1
The school’s capacity for sustained improvement1

Main findings

Brooke Weston Academy provides students with an outstanding education. This is because the outstanding leadership of the academy knows precisely what needs to be done to ensure students get the best possible start. The staff work incredibly hard to meet the needs of every individual student regardless of their background. The academy is harmonious and cares exceptionally well for all its students and particularly those whose circumstances make them vulnerable. There is a culture of continuous improvement driven by the principal, the academy’s senior leadership team and the governing body. The proportion of students obtaining higher grades in their GCSE grades, including English and mathematics, has increased significantly since becoming an academy and is well above national averages. Students make outstanding progress as a result of mostly outstanding teaching and excellent monitoring and intervention strategies. Students are exceptionally well behaved and highly motivated. Classrooms are stimulating places to learn; lessons have a buzz of activity that reflect students’ excellent attitudes and teachers’ high level of commitment. In discussions, students were overwhelmingly positive about ‘their’ academy and how well the staff know students and care for them. As one girl commented, ‘Teachers make me feel that I am special and that I can do anything and be anything. I want to be a doctor’. The highly inclusive nature of the academy owes much to the contributions students make. Some of the many examples include the high quality peer mentoring and the students’ responses to a wide range of programmes. Behaviour is outstanding, both in classrooms and around the academy.

Students make outstanding progress because of consistently high-quality teaching, teachers’ exemplary use of assessment, rigorous tracking, sharply focused interventions, and excellent support and guidance. Technology is used exceptionally well by both staff and students to enhance the learning and well being of all concerned. Because teachers consistently have high expectations of what students should achieve, lessons proceed at a brisk pace using activities that constantly engage and challenge them.

Excellent workplace and other skills that contribute to the students’ future economic well-being are delivered through the academy’s outstanding curriculum which puts innovation and enterprise into the heart of the provision. The curriculum is well organised, and thoroughly mapped, providing students with a wealth of highly memorable opportunities within and beyond the academy. This innovative approach to the curriculum ensures that the quality of students’ learning and the progress they make is all inclusive. This is because students know how safe they feel. Their understanding of healthy lifestyles, the extent to which they contribute to the school community and develop their work place skills are all outstanding. Students’ spiritual, moral social and cultural development are good and promoted well through planned opportunities in the curriculum. There are high expectations for empathy between different cultures in and beyond the school. The academy has not fully responded to the rapidly changing nature of its intake, in particular the need for outstanding provision for groups of students whose circumstances make them vulnerable, including those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

The leadership and management overall, including governance, are outstanding. The principal, with her highly committed senior leadership team, has galvanised the staff and empowered them to realise a vision of an academy where students fulfil their aspirations. They work exceptionally well with parents and carers and also with an impressive range of external partners. They do much to support community cohesion at local, national and international level to achieve the outstanding outcomes for their students. Rigorous self-evaluation and ambitious target setting have been at the heart of the development planning, and staff at all levels have been inextricably engaged in the process through self-scrutiny, collaborative planning and peer review. This critical self-evaluation and continuous improvement demonstrates exceptional value for money and the academy’s outstanding capacity to improve.

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Copyright © 2007 - 2018, Brooke Weston Academy. All rights reserved.
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