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Where is lost property?

Lost property is in the Weston Theatre and is open from 08:30 – 09:30 daily.

What do I do if I forget my locker key?

It is your responsibility to buy a padlock for your locker and it is a good idea to give a spare key to your tutor to look after just in case you lose or forget yours. Speak to your tutor if you have forgotten your key to get the lock cut off.

What happens if I forget my smart card?

It is important that you take care to remember your smart card as you use it to sign in, it is your library card, has details of your bus on it and it is also used to purchase your food. If you do, however forget your smart card, sign in at reception and collect a food voucher from the finance office.

What happens if I have an appointment during school time?

In the first instance, try not to! Where this is unavoidable let both reception and your tutor know, and bring in an appointment slip for your tutor.

What happens if I forget my lunch?

Collect a food voucher from finance, and have it signed by the Associate principal.

Will I get lots of homework?

You are likely to be given some homework to complete each day, but it is up to individual teachers to set homework when they think it is necessary. It is a good idea to buy yourself a homework diary or note pad to write down your homework and deadlines.

How do I report an incident on the bus?

You should inform your tutor or a member of the Senior Leadership Team as soon as possible.

How do I contact my child at school?

In an emergency, please contact reception if it is necessary for you to inform your child of a change or delay of pick-up times etc. Although we always try to deliver these messages in time, we are unable to guarantee this after 15:30 and ask that this service be used for emergencies only.

What are the rules about make-up and nail polish?

Discreet and appropriate for a business environment.

Can mobile phones be used at school?

No, if you choose to bring a mobile phone to school it must be kept in your locker.

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