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Key Stage 4 Options Booklet 2017/2018


How will the teaching groups be organised?
You will, generally, be in groups related to your ability or options selected. When entering GCSE exams, decisions have to be made about the degree of difficulty of the exam you will take. Different students will need to deal with different skills, concepts and knowledge and sets are the most suitable way to cope with these challenges.

SubjectLessons Per Week

Differentiation within sets will continue to operate, which means that students who work well in a set can move up and not be ‘out of phase’ with the new group. Conversely, those who do not work well will move down.

How do I complete the options form?
All students will study the core subjects offered and then be required to select three options from the list. If they would like to specialise in the separate sciences they must select “Separate Sciences” as one of their options. The option form should be filled in with the help and oversight of your parents and tutor. Your tutor will also have spare copies if you require them. The form should be handed in to your tutor once complete and include your name, tutor group and be signed with your tutor.

How many can I select?
On the options sheet, some of the subjects are taught with 4 lessons per week and others with 2 lessons. You will need to choose a range of options that will fill six lessons per week.

Are there any restrictions?
There are a very small number of restrictions on the combination of subjects that you can select. For example: you may only select one of the subjects offered by Art; it is not possible to study GCSE Business Studies and the Cambridge National Level 2 Certificate in Business and Enterprise; you may only select one of the subjects offered by Design & Technology.

Who do I consult?
Clearly your parents must be involved. At Brooke Weston, your Tutor is obviously the first person to talk with. Subject Teachers and Heads of Department are willing to speak with you informally and by appointment. You can also take the opportunity to talk to teachers in lesson time. Mr Primmett, the careers advisor, will be available to discuss any issues concerning the choices and vocational implications. The final decisions are made by you and your parents.

What do I need to achieve if I take five GCSEs and want to go on to higher education?
Usually students are expected to achieve five GCSEs at grade 6 or above to pursue AS and A Levels in Year 12 and 13. It is normal for those with three A Level passes at grade C or above to gain entrance to higher education. Those students who wish to proceed to the highly competitive courses such as medicine, law, business studies, veterinary science, etc. often need to study four A Levels and achieve at least an A grade in each.

Will all the courses listed in this booklet take place?
We hope to be able to offer all the courses listed in this booklet. However, if there are insufficient numbers to allow a course to run then we will endeavour, where possible, to offer an alternative. There may also be some changes to the curriculum offered as a result of staffing and timetabling constraints. Please note that some courses are subject to change due to the specification releases.

What after school clubs are available?
There are a wide range of post 16:05 clubs and activities to take part in. As well as sports clubs and teams, there are activities offered by different departments. A full list of current activities can be accessed on our website. They are also listed on the television screens each day.

What happens if I am unhappy with my subject choices after a short period of time?
If you decide early during the first term of Year 10 that you may have made the wrong choices, you should discuss this initially with your subject teachers and tutor. In most cases, you will be able to change course without too much difficulty although, of course, you would need to catch up on work missed from the new course.

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