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Chemistry in Action - KS5

Wednesday 8th November 2017

An opportunity has been arranged for Year 12 and Year 13 Chemistry students to attend a day-long conference at the University of Warwick. The day will consist of the following five seminars:

  1. The Periodic Table of the Oceans - or life to thrive in the oceans it needs elements from across the periodic table, from phosphorous to silicon, iron to zinc. Join Kate as she uncovers the essential building blocks of everything in the sea… even the polar bears.
  2. Gods, devils and alcohol - What connects a urinating camel to a spiral fossil? In which brands of shampoo can you find “Fooles Bolloxe” and “beaver testicles?” Peter Wothers guarantees you will never look at a bottle of shampoo in the same way again!
  3. Nanoinvasion! - Materials Scientist Jamie Gallagher will be your guide as we shrink down and get hands on with the tiny tech that is changing everything. Discover a world where robots build themselves, metal becomes transparent and pencils become stronger than steel.
  4. Nature’s Robots - Proteins are the micro-machines that control living organisms. They are the gatekeepers, messengers, factories and defence systems with us all. Mark will take a look at the amazing and still mysterious processes that proteins use to self-assemble and what happens when proteins go rogue.
  5. The Magic of Oxygen - Expect a few flashes and bangs as some explosive mixtures are conjured up by Mike and Rob to illustrate the magic of oxygen. We will look at the work of scientists such as Boyle, Newton and Priestley, and recreate some of their experiments in unusual ways.

The cost of the trip is £25.00 which includes entrance to each of the seminars and transport.

Staff and students will travel by minibus leaving Brooke Weston at 08:35 returning at approximately 16:30. Parents are therefore requested to arrange transport for their son/daughter to and from Brooke Weston.

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